05 Apr

Spicy, open and dynamic


Mark Govaerts supports entrepreneurs in maintaining their websites, make technical scans, and offers support regarding the websites. Find out more about him here.

– Who are you?
I am Mark Govaerts and I am the owner of Betos Support since 2003.

– Who are your customers?
All customers are welcome and I like to offer them my service.

– Which three words come to mind when you think of Jennifer Delano?
Spicy, open, and dynamic.

– How do we know each other?
I met Jennifer about fifteen years ago via a hosting party. At that time Jennifer was still in the creative scene and I maintained the corresponding website for a while. We always kept in touch.

– Why would you choose pr?
Especially for more brand awareness and the growth of my company.

– What does pr yield?
So far it has brought me more brand awareness in my own region.

– Which aspect of pr do you find most valuable?
More and faster contact moments with (potential) customers, with more turnover as a result.

– Why would you recommend DelanoPR to your relations?
By whom Jennifer is Delano. She offers quality and knows how to communicate this very well. She is the soul of her company, just like Steve Jobs was at Apple. She has a good soul.

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