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Irving Vorster’s passion is to make B2B organizations look much better. Find out more about him below.

-Who are you?
My name is Irving Vorster and my mission is to make women and men look much better by designing great garments for them. In other words: I am a fashion designer.

– Who are your customers?
My clients are B2B corporate organizations who want their staff to look great. That’s why I design clothes. Previously I did this for the Beatrix Theatre in Utrecht.

-What three words come to mind when you think of Jennifer Delano?
Action and high achiever (example of pr), competitive.

-Where do we know each other from?
From a styling assignment for the magazine Vriendin.

-Why would you choose pr?
It makes your brand visible.

-What does pr yield?
Familiarity and this in turn leads to sales.

-Which aspect of pr do you find most valuable?
Press releases and getting it into the (trade) media.

-Why would you recommend DelanoPR to your relations?
It is proactive and makes connections quickly (connector) and gives you strategic insight.

More about Irving Vorster and his work:

Below one of the fashion projects of Irving Vorster.


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