10 Aug

Greater awareness


Erik Friedeberg (49 years, 3 children) has set up Manifesto. Another way of helping people through a unique mix of coaching, financial insight, and accountancy. We
asked him a number of questions.

– What are you doing?
I am a director of the cooperative Manifesto, with which we help entrepreneurs to get closer to their dreams. By coaching and guiding them to the dot on the horizon and their personal, business, and social relevance goals. And to take the administrative burden off your shoulders. So that entrepreneurs become more successful and only have to concern themselves with doing business.

– Who are your customers?
Customers – or rather members (we are a cooperative) – are companies from between the five and one hundred and fifty employees, companies where there is no question of Profit maximization, e.g. family businesses and social enterprises.

– Which three words come to mind when you think of Jennifer Delano?
Inspiration, connector, craftswoman.

– How do we know each other?
A meeting that Manifesto organized in cooperation with MKB Amsterdam. It was about innovative, modern entrepreneurship. Was in the office of Manifesto.

– Why would you choose for pr?
To get more publicity and therefore generate more leads.

– Which aspect of PR do you find most valuable?
Greater awareness.

– Why would you recommend DelanoPR to your relations? Because Jennifer Delano is a very nice person and can achieve a lot for entrepreneurs.

Want to know more about Erik Friedeberg? Discover it on his website:

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