05 Apr

Entrepreneur Award for DelanoPR’s Jennifer Delano

Nieuws, recommendations

Last weekend the BNI Gala of BNI The Hague took place. The best networkers of the region were rewarded with various awards. The best regional network of the past year was BNI Hyacint from Lisse. This networking group, which meets every Thursday morning at De Proeverij, consists of more than thirty members. Founder Coco Meeldijk (who is in the top five networkers with the most recommendations): “It is fantastic to see that the growth of recent years has been rewarded with an award. One of the other members – entrepreneur Jennifer Delano – is the only one in the region with two personal nominations. One for giving most of the recommendations of the past year and one for the networker of the year.

BNI Hyacint is one of the chapters of network organization BNI (Business Network International.) This is an international organization where members intensively identify and pass on business opportunities for each other. The members of BNI Hyacint are local entrepreneurs, business people, and professionals from various industries. They meet weekly during breakfast to build strong personal relationships. BNI’s motto is: giving pays off because investing in relationships with other BNI members leads to giving and receiving recommendations. The group would like to invite
guests who want to expand their network. Every Thursday morning the networking breakfast lasts from 7.00 to 8.30 in De Proeverij in Lisse. You can find out more about this network or schedule a visit via

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