18 Jul

Enthusiastic, motivating and passionate


Marjan Kloos is a sustainability consultant. Find out more about her below.

– Who are you?
My name is Marjan Kloos.

– What do you do?
I am a sustainability consultant. That’s what I do as director of the Netherlands CO2 Neutral Foundation, the platform for companies that promote and promote sustainability.

– Which three words come to mind when you think of Jennifer Delano?
Enthusiastic, motivating, and passionate. In addition, I really enjoy working with Jennifer.

– How do we know each other?
We met through a common friend and we are working together on the election ‘The most sustainable company in the Netherlands’, to put it well on the map.

– Why would you choose pr?
Pr provides exposure. And for us more exposure to sustainability within the Netherlands. Pr has an important role to play in motivating the public to become sustainable as well.

– Which aspect of PR do you find most valuable?
Bringing people together to find a better solution.

– Why would you recommend DelanoPR to your relations?
It is a guarantee for results. We have noticed that we can really achieve much more together with DelanoPR. We have even been mentioned on this year.

More about the work of Marjan Kloos:

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