18 Jul

Brisk, knowledgeable, craftswoman


Whatever Dutch text you want to improve, I’m happy to do it for you. If you let me edit, correct, or (re)write your texts, they will get better. Tastier to read. Guaranteed flawless. That’s important because errors distract from the content, readers cut it off and a text with errors makes an unprofessional impression.

– Who are you?

Tjeerd Gunning from Gunning Tekstredactie.

– What do you do?

– Who are your customers?
DelanoPR and Het Communicatiebureau bvba, Stichting Lezen, pr architectenburo, Marjolein Blaauwbroek Art & Journalism, Duin Holding bv, Pouw HR Advies, BOB Opleiding, Training and Advice, Bovenlicht design & communication, Het Plan Personal Branding. To name a few.

-What 3 words come to mind when you think of Jennifer Delano?
Skilled, striking, red.

-How do we know each other?
We know each other primarily through artist and graphic designer Dennis Hardes.

-Why would you choose PR?
To stand out in the sea of competitors and thus be more visible to potential clients.

-What does PR yield?
Visibility and therefore clients.

-Which aspect of PR do you find most valuable?
All aspects are valuable.

-Why would you recommend DelanoPR to your relations?
Because DelanoPR practices what it preaches and achieves striking results.

-Why would you add something else?
You are a very pleasant person to work with. Not unimportant either. ☺

More about Tjeerd can be found at

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I would like to know more about PR!