07 Apr

Why Tech Startups Need a PR Agency


In the tech community, writers and publications like TechCrunch get a lot of consideration. People pay attention to what tech writers are saying about startups. That’s why when you are ready to grow your tech startup, having a pr agency to help with doing business in the Netherlands can help you grow.

Free Up Time to Focus on What’s Important

First, hiring a PR agency can help tech startups because it allows business owners and employees to focus on what’s most important: running the business. Public relations agency work is not rocket science, and while it’s true that you could learn to do most of it on your own the truth is that you don’t have the time. New businesses need to outsource tasks, so they have the time to focus on the core of their business.

Social Media Isn’t a Cure-All

Having a social media presence can certainly help your tech startup get attention and build brand awareness. However, it’s not the only way to get your name out there. Plus, social media only reaches parts of your audience. If you do not combine social media with traditional media outlets you may be missing out on critical parts of your audience.

Public Relations Builds Long-term Success

A PR agency can help a tech startup build long-term relationships with the media and with consumers. This is critically important because if you face a crisis, you’ll need a history of a positive brand image and reputation to build your response off of.

A PR Agency Bridges the Gap Between Tech and Consumer

PR agencies are informed enough to understand the technical aspects of a product, yet they are also able to simplify a message so that anyone can understand it. If you use too much industry jargon in your pitch or marketing, then journalists and consumers may not understand it. When we don’t understand a message, we often ignore it.

A PR agency can take a complicated, technical story and boil it down so that even those unfamiliar with the subject can understand it. This makes them the bridge between tech and consumers.

So, when you’re starting a business in the Netherlands or doing business in the Netherlands, you need a PR agency to help you grow. Tech companies that hire a PR agency can free up their time to focus on what’s important, get their story shared more than just on social media, build long-term relationships, and communicate their story simply to consumers.

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