13 Mar

What 4 things does a business service provider need before calling a PR agency?


People sometimes ask me: what does a business service provider really need to get free publicity? The short version is that a good story works. If you want to grow as a company (in customers, reputation, team, staff, etc. etc.) it is essential that the company is running. It is clear who is being helped with what and there is an active marketing effort. We can build on that, but it’s not enough. First back to basics …

Here are the 4 questions for which a ‘yes’ is needed before a business service provider calls a PR agency.

Question 1 – Is it clear why you exist as a business service provider?
When someone calls your point of contact for the press, does he have a short and clear story? Does the spokesperson tell a clear story about what you solve as an organization and why this is important? Is it clear what your special features are, what sets you apart? If this can’t be explained to your public relations agent, then it can’t be explained to the media either.

Question 2 – Has it been determined what investment will be put in PR?
To be able to really add value to the company with the use of pr, the basis is an investment with a minimum period of six months. This will allow us to work on appropriate public relations planning and execution.

Question 3 – Who is going to make time for pr?
Make no mistake: hiring a public relations firm takes time. After all, it takes input. Input that makes it clear what makes your company the business service provider that the media should be writing about. In addition, input for, and feedback on, press releases and other content is needed. It is also important to have someone available for interviews and to provide input for substantive responses to journalists.

Question 4 – What will the goal be?
Think as a team of what the goal of PR is. Free publicity is not a trick to be used to ‘just get some new customers’. The power lies in the combination with marketing. Collaborating with a PR agency only works if the goals are clear. This is good for expectation management and for achieving goals and results.

And what is your answer to that?

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